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Covid-19: How is your furniture removal affected?

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The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly affecting all our lives. In these new and confusing circumstances, you probably have a lot of questions. You may want to know how this situation affects your furniture removal. Therefore, we have created a small FAQ to help you understand how the Covid-19 pandemic influences your current or potential house move, and how you can stay safe in the process.

Note: Circumstances change fast, we cannot guarantee that this article is forever accurate. Please, regularly check the South African government’s website to get the latest Covid-19 information.

Are moving companies still operating? If yes, what security measures are taken?

In short, no. From the 27th of March the whole of South Africa is on lockdown. The furniture removal industry is not deemed part of the “essential services” by the government. This means that moving companies will not be picking up or delivering furniture from the 27th March.

Despite this, many companies are still operating from home and may offer quotes and surveys virtually to consumers, so you can plan for future moves.

What happens with my planned move now that there is a ban on leaving my house?

Moving companies are re-scheduling all booked moves. New enquiries will be booked for when the lockdown is lifted. All moves have been re-scheduled to start again from the 17th April onwards. However, it is possible that this date is further postponed.

International moves are also on hold as many consumers are unable to fly anywhere currently.

Covid-19 Furniture Removal Storage

What if I already paid part of my move, but now it’s being cancelled? Can I postpone my move? Can I receive a refund?

Moving companies are offering refunds. Another option is to reschedule or postpone your move until after the lockdown.

You should contact your moving company as soon as possible to learn their policy and to plan accordingly.

What if my container is already on its way overseas, but I can’t travel there?

This situation is still a bit unclear. This is because your move is dependent on the destination country’s lockdown policy. The most likely outcome is that your container will have to go into storage overseas until you are able to travel. The storage charges will be dealt with once the lockdown is over. Another option is that someone else might be able to open your house at the final destination or you might be able to send over a key.

What if you have travelled overseas but your container is unable to travel?

If you have already relocated to your new home but your furniture is stuck on its way, you are not alone. Contact your moving company to determine if your furniture can realistically be delivered. Meanwhile, you should look at renting a furnished apartment temporarily (try AirBnb), until your furniture catches up.

We have found some links that can provide more information regarding international moves:

I have planned to move abroad in a few weeks/months. What do I do now?

Communicate with your movers as most are going to be online to answer questions and assist with quotes during the lockdown period.

As of now, moves are planned to take place from the 17th April. Therefore, you should plan accordingly. However, circumstances can change rapidly, and the government could potentially postpone this date.

What next?

Keep following the advice and guidelines of the S.A government in order to stay safe and within the rules. For the latest updates in the moving industry, be sure to follow the websites of IAM and FIDI.