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Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be exciting, but it can also be stressful.  Looking for a smooth move? Research your destination and start planning now!

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Click the button below to download Sirelo’s free printable moving house checklist PDF. This page contains detailed information on what we consider the most important steps to consider when moving house, but take a look at the PDF for a more thorough rundown. It outlines all the tasks that we recommend completing before undertaking a move, indicating when to start thinking about each step. The PDF is clickable so you can easily keep track of what you have left to do.

Check out our top moving tips ranked by experts to help you complete a smooth house move. Read on for more information on what to do and when for moving internationally!

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After the Purchase/Rental of New Home

  • Establish your timetable for the move; decide on your moving date and when you want certain things to be done by
  • Terminate your lease if renting or decide to sell or rent out your old house
  • Apply for visas and working permits if applicable
  • Buy plane tickets to your new home destination
  • Investigate work opportunities for yourself and your partner
  • Start learning your destination’s language if applicable

Moving Abroad Checklist

Two Months Before You Move

  • Tell your children’s school of your move, request school reports and investigate schools in your new location
  • Request quotes from several moving companies and compare their services.
  • Choose your international mover and set a date
  • Decide which items need to be shipped and which need to be stored in your home country
  • Estimate the volume of your move
  • Decide if you want to outsource assembly/disassembly of your furniture
  • Look into other removal costs such as storage
  • Organise your pre-moving survey with your moving company
  • Check customs for your new country to see what the taxes are for transporting cars, wine etc.
  • Check laws regarding taking your pets to your new destination (e.g. pet passports, microchips)
  • Obtain original copies of important documents such as: Passports, Driving licence, Birth certificate, Wedding certificate, School reports, Work references, Medical records
  • Look into temporary relocation for when you first arrive
  • Check your health insurance options in your new country
  • Learn about taxes in your new country

One Month Before Moving Day

  • Stop/transfer subscriptions ready for moving day (e.g. gas, telephone, internet)
  • Contact your pension fund
  • Cancel your insurance policies if they aren’t valid abroad
  • Insure your move (if not already covered by your mover)
  • Arrange to see your doctor and dentist. Let them know you are leaving their practice and ask them for your medical records
  • Check whether your bank has an overseas branch or whether you will need to setup a new account
  • Sell things that you don’t need or can’t take with you
  • Notify the post office of your change of address

What To Do One Week Before

  • Start packing, cleaning and shopping for anything you may need whilst abroad
  • Make a list of all your belongings to be moved and stored
  • Finalise the transferal of property with the mover

Moving Day – Finally!

  • Make sure the entrance to your property is clear for the moving truck
  • Make sure someone is home the whole day
  • Mark high priority and fragile boxes
  • Gather any personal items that you’re keeping with you for the journey
  • Make photocopies of your energy and water meter
  • Check the inventory and new address with your mover
  • Check every cupboard before the mover leaves

loading moving van on moving day

When You’ve Arrived in Your New Home

  • Try to arrive at your new home before the movers
  • Check all the utilities have been connected in your new home
  • Give the moving company a copy of your house plan so they know where to place things

After The Move

  • Register in your new house
  • Find a new doctor and dentist
  • Open a bank account in your new country
  • Ensure you are covered for healthcare and other types of insurance you may need in your new country
  • Call your mover to arrange the pick up of empty boxes

Ready To Move Abroad?

We hope that this checklist has helped you in taking the next steps for your move abroad. If you would like some more information, you may find the articles linked below interesting. If you have any further moving related queries, explore the rest of the Sirelo website.

Good luck with your move overseas!