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How Much do Home Removals Cost?

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Are you curious about home removals costs? When it comes to moving services, the price can be a little elusive. However, Sirelo is here to help give you an idea of the cost of home removals along with free moving quotes so you can compare moving companies easily and find the best price for your move! So, read on to learn more and ensure you move with a smile 🙂

How much do home removals cost?

Let’s answer that burning question of yours: how much do home removals cost? While it would be nice to give you an exact estimate, all house removals are unique as are their costs! However, for a 2-bedroom house, you can expect the price to range from R1,500-R5,000 for a local move while a move further afield starts at R3,500.

As you can see, there are no set house removals costs. In fact, there are a few factors that will contribute to the price of your move! One of the biggest factors will be the time it takes to complete your move or the distance of your move which is usually reflected in time. Naturally the further the move the longer it’ll be!

Below is a table that shows you the cost of a man and van service for varying amounts of time during a day move:

Type of Move Price
2 hour move R1500 – R2500
4 hour move R2200 – R3500
6 hour move R2750 – R4750
8 hour move R3250 – R6750
Full day move R3950 – R7950

Please note: The prices shown are only estimates and do not include extra services that you may require when moving home.

Furthermore, there are several moving services that companies can offer which will influence your home removals cost. These and other factors need to be taken into account when calculating the cost of a move, which we discuss below in just a second.

Get quotes for home removals costs

The most accurate way to get an estimate on home removal costs is to request quotes directly from removal companies. However, contacting dozens of household removal companies to receive a quote is difficult and time-consuming.

Luckily, Sirelo is here to help! We make finding and picking a moving company easier by only showing you moving companies that can help with your move. All you need to do is click below and you’ll receive up to 5 quotes from household removal companies to compare and pick the best for you!

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Factors that affect home removals costs

As we mentioned, there are several factors that will influence household removals costs. When using a house removal service, you have to remember that every mover operates differently, therefore prices of home removals vary. The two biggest factors on price are:

🛣️ Distance

It always bears repeating that the cost of house removals depends on the distance. Naturally, unless your house is on wheels, you can’t do much about the distance. However, you should consider that moving to the other side of the country will be more expensive than if you’re planning on moving down the road.

Additionally, you should be aware that companies can charge by the hour or by the kilometre. It’s more common for moves over a short distance to be charged by the hour.

📦 Volume

The more you need to move, the more it’ll cost you! This is because extra staff or moving vans are needed to properly complete your move. Thus you should pay attention to the volume of your move if house removals costs are a concern.

Removal companies will calculate the volume of your furniture in cubic meters (m³) since they need to know if it’ll fit in the back of their truck. The calculation for finding the total volume of your personal belongings is – L” x W” x H”.

However, if you don’t want to spend your time measuring everything you own, try our quick and easy furniture volume calculator. Just select the items indeed to move and our calculator will give you an estimate.

What Else Affects Home Removals Costs?

As well as these two factors, there are a number of factors that can influence household removal costs to a lesser extent. Some include:

🚪 Ease of Access

Is your home located on a busy street? Can removal vans park outside? If the movers needed a permit to park in your street, they will pass this bill to you. Furthermore, if have difficulty accessing your home such as needing to walk a long distance, you’ll likely be charged for this inconvenience.

🕐 2 Hour Minimum

Removal companies usually charge a two-hour minimum. This is to help them stay protected from wasting resources on moves that are too small.

📅 Time of the Move

If you are moving house during the peak season (May – September), during the holidays or on the weekend, home removal costs will be higher. This is mainly due to an increase in demand for moving services at these times. Everyone wants to move during their free time!

🧤 Special Care

Should you happen to have pieces of furniture such as a piano, antique furniture, or fine art, your move will require specialist moving services. Items that are big or fragile need to be treated with care or require expertise and special equipment. This only adds to your home removal costs. There’s no need to bin them, just be aware!

Additional services

As there are many aspects to a move, movers offer many different services to reduce your moving stress. While these services will help, they will also add to your budget:

  • (Dis)Assembly – there are some items that are too clunky to move without being taken apart. Fortunately, if you’re not too handy with a screwdriver, your moving company will offer this service for a fee.
  • Storage – in some instances, you may need to put items in storage when moving, your house may not be ready for that live-like bust of your grandmother. Moving companies can offer to hold items for you while you prepare your new house at a price.
  • Packing Services – if you don’t have the time to pack since you might lack a great packing guide, moving services often offer the inclusion of packing to lighten the moving task to be done.
  • Cleaning – when it comes to moving services, cleaning is likely underrated. You’ll feel better moving into a clean house and also, it’s better than scrubbing down two houses!

Depending on many of these cost factors and if you go for the extra services, they can add between R600 – R1500 to your home removals costs. This all depends on your mover at the end of the day.

How to save money on your move

When choosing a moving company, the overall home removals cost will be determined by what type of mover you go for. Are you more concerned about price, or do you care more about the quality of the mover?

The cheapest type of home removals, of course, is moving everything by yourself. You can pack everything yourself, rent a van and move all of your belongings to your new home. And there are plenty of options for van rentals – just search Man & Van services.

Having said that, if you’re planning on doing this, then make sure you have friends or family at hand to help you. Moving on your own is a lot of work, but it’s much cheaper than hiring a home removals company that does everything, but a lot harder too.

Couple celebrating arriving with moving boxes in their new home - home removals cost

Sirelo’s top tips to lower your home removals cost

Here are some tips on how to lower your home removal costs:

  • Only move the essentials, the last thing you want adding to your house removals costs are things you no longer use or need
  • Move during the week and avoid school holidays, these off-peak times are cheaper
  • Bring your own materials. You can gather boxes cheaply by finding second-hand boxes or reusing boxes from the supermarket
  • Try and do as much of the packing and unpacking yourself
  • Be sure to help bring the boxes to the moving van or place them in an easy to reach location. This can speed up the process meaning you pay less
  • Compare moving quotes: the more quotes you get, the better choice you have!

However, if you’re looking for quality and want to make sure your belongings get to your new home all in one piece, then you should consider hiring a home removals company.

If you’re interested in looking for home removal companies but aren’t ready for quotes, you can check out our full list of moving companies. They’re sorted by city so you can find house removal companies near you. Furthermore, you can see which services they provide, and reviews left by previous customers.

Ready to get your house removal underway?

We hope that you have found this page useful, and you know a little bit more about what home removals costs to expect. It is extremely difficult to give an estimate of how much home removals will cost as each move is unique. Fortunately, you can fill out our online form. We can connect you to up to five home removals companies who will then provide you with a quote. We wish you all the best with your move!