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Moving Survey

Your Pre-Move Survey Explained in Full

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When you want to get moving quotes, the movers will normally come to your house first to do a moving survey. Read on to find out how the moving survey works, whether you can do it digitally or in person, and why you should compare your offers.

What is a Moving Survey?

In order to get a moving quote, a mover needs to know how much of your stuff they are moving so they can give you a price. This means they need to come to your home and see what needs to be moved. Indeed, they also need to check whether there are any fragile items, if anything needs to be disassembled, if they can fit furniture in the elevator, whether they can park nearby…. There are lots of factors that needs to be taken into consideration.

The moving company also needs to know where you are moving from and moving to in order to calculate a price. Without all of this information, the moving company will not know how many workers are required, what sort of truck is needed, or indeed what sort of equipment is needed.

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Why is a Moving Survey Useful?

A good moving survey will not only give you an accurate overview of the costs so you have no unexpected surprises, but also gives you an opportunity to meet the mover! After all, that is your life they are moving – it’s good to ask the moving company any initial questions or expectations during the moving survey.

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What does the Moving Company Need to Know?

The main factors that influence the cost of your move are volume and distance. This means the mover will want to know where you are moving to and what you want to take with you. Besides this, the mover will also be interested in the accessibility of your home, and will need to know:

  • If you have an elevator
  • Which floor you live on
  • How big your staircase and door is

Furthermore, the removal company needs to know what services you need. These can include:

Sirelo Top Tip: You can also ask your company for moving boxes, which tend to be thicker and safer than the ones you can find in your local supermarket.

How Does it Work?

A mover can come to your house and do the survey in person, or it can be conducted digitally. The duration of the moving survey will depend on the size of your house, but usually take from 15 – 25 minutes.

Visit in Person

The mover will arrange a time to come to your house and he will look closely at your apartment and the items you want to move, and make notes. He will also clarify what will happen during your move.

Digital Visit with Form

You simply enter your contact information on the website of the removal company. You will then receive a form created by the company via SMS or email . This you must fill in as correctly and as detailed. Furthermore, you will be required to attach pictures, screenshots or even videos of your apartment.

Digital Visit by Video Chat

The mover will call you via video chat, or ask you to take a video of your home (both exterior and interior) and send it. You will be prompted with what to do during the video.

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How Do I Request a Moving Survey?

Request up to five moving companies to get in contact with the quote button below. They will then ring you to discuss when they can do a survey with you. The survey is normally free and has zeroobligation, but you should only book a survey if you are serious about moving house.

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Is There Anything I Should Ask the Moving Company?

You should let the mover know if you have any concerns about the handling of certain items. You also will want to confirm what services you want provided by the moving company and what you want to do yourself, such as packing. Ask if there are any actions you can take to avoid certain charges. Finally, confirm the timeline of the move and the desires of your shipment. The moving company should also tell you if they are working with any sister companies during parts of the move.

What Happens Afterwards?

After the survey the mover will be able to calculate the volume of your move and, combined with any additional services required, how much your move will cost. They will then confirm with you the details of your move.

What next?

We hope you have found this article useful! Request quotes through Sirelo today to get started on your moving journey. If you want to read other articles from Sirelo, check out the ones below or explore the rest of the website.