Moving Networks: Should You Book an Associated Mover?

Picking the right moving company for your move can be hard when there are so many to choose from. One factor you might want to consider is booking a mover with a moving association. Why? Read on to find out!

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What Types of Moving Networks are There?

There are lots of different types of moving networks: associations, federations and groups.

  • Moving associations are non-profit organisations whose members are moving companies.
  • Moving federations are non-profit organisations of moving associations.
  • Moving groupsare for-profit organisations, such as Van Lines, set up by the moving companies for the moving companies; the board and the members will be made up of movers.

Why Move with an Associated Mover?

If quality is important for your move, then you may want to move with an associated mover. Why? Some of these moving networks have entry requirements, ensuring that only movers of the highest quality can join. Make such to check the website of the moving network, as some are more vigorous than others. Below we outline some of the top moving associations to consider for your move!

Moving network


The Professional Movers’ Association (PMA), previously know as the South African Furniture Removers and Warehousemen’s Association (SAFWA) was founded in 1959.

Today PMA represents a guarantee of superior service, quality and peace of mind. In order to be a PMA member, you must meet their professional standards and code of ethics. Furthermore, if you have a complaint against a PMA mover, you can contact the chairperson of the moving association.


The International Association of Movers is a moving association for international removal companies. All members must be committed to ethical business practices and to following laws and regulations. You must have been recommended by at least two other IAM members and pay a fee In order to join. IAM members must reach IAM’s standards, adhering to the global standard set by ISO.

FIDI Global Alliance

FIDI is an international federation for worldwide removal companies. International moving companies that meet its 200 quality requirements are awarded the FAIM certificate, which assures you of the quality of the your mover. Their criteria covers the following areas:

  • Strong focus on end-to-end quality services
  • Must comply with anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-trust requirements
  • Pre-employment screenings– your mover is someone you can trust
  • Supply chain management– the movers are responsible for the whole move
  • Data privacy protection management– your personal and sensitive data is safe
  • Foundation and international moving service requirements– you know your mover is qualified for successful moves abroad

Every three years the moving companies have to undergo an extensive audit, and annual external financial audits by Ernst and Young. Indeed, even if the removal company for some reason did go bankrupt, another FIDI member will take over your move. If you want a FIDI mover, you can recognise them by the logo below or specifically search for FAIM certified removal companies on the “Find a FIDI Affiliate” page. The moving association ‘SAIMA’ is the representative for FIDI in South Africa.


What Next?

By picking a mover who is part of a moving association (especially one with stricter guidelines), you will give yourself peace of mind during your move regarding the quality. Naturally, you can also find good moving companies that are not in a moving association: we recommend that you check the reviews of moving companies (above all the most recent ones!) to verify the quality of the moving company before you book.