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Moving Your Furniture

The Complete How-To Guide from Sirelo

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When moving home, one of the most daunting tasks is knowing how to move your furniture. Your belongings are very important to you, so knowing how to move your furniture safely and securely will ensure you have a smooth and successful house removal!

This article will help explain the steps behind moving your furniture both nationally and internationally, from the moment you pick what furniture to move, right up to unpacking in your new home. Sirelo is here to help you move with a smile 🙂

1. Identify Which Furniture to Take

The first step seems easy right? Well, it can be difficult for some! The first thing you need to do is determine how much space you have in your new home. Next, go through all your furniture to see will it all work in your new home – and most importantly will it all fit! Finally, determine what furniture you would like to take with you.

It can be hard sometimes to let go of belongings from the past but decluttering is an important step for any move. By reducing the volume of your move, you can lower the costs and save yourself some money!

Consider selling or donating any unwanted furniture or other household items you don’t want in your new home. If you really don’t want to part with some belongings or can’t move them into your house yet, look at our guide to storage services in South Africa.

Want some more advice? Check out our other moving tips ranked by experts to help you have a successful house removal.

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2. How Do I Dismantle and Pack My Furniture?

You can always try to disassemble your furniture yourself by following the dismantling guide – if you still have it! However, you must be careful to safely dismantle the furniture without damaging it, and to make sure it can be reassembled upon arrival. You can also move the furniture yourself in a van, although you won’t have insurance or protection cover in place.

Be sure to ask friends and family for assistance if you’re moving furniture yourself. You will need all the hands you can get in order to complete your house removal safely and smoothly!

Sirelo’s DIY Furniture Moving Tips

Dismantling and moving furniture yourself is hard work! This is why we have put together our top packing tips and furniture moving tips to help you along the way:

  1. Make sure you have the proper tools ready when you start dismantling! You will need a set of screwdrivers, a wrench and a small hammer.
  2. Use the assemble guides for your furniture. They are a great help when dismantling, all you have to do is follow the instructions in reverse!
  3. If something is nailed or glued together, leave it alone! Do not try to dismantle it as this will increase the risk of damage to the item.
  4. Use Ziploc bags to keep all nuts and bolts together for each items of furniture. Consider taping the bag to the piece of furniture when moving and label the bags clearly.
  5. Measure your furniture and doorways! If there is furniture than can fit through all doorways on your moving journey, you can leave them assembled. Only take apart the items you have to, to avoid any unwanted damage.

Check out this YouTube video for 9 more tips to help you move your furniture yourself!

Choose A Professional Moving Company

A safer but more expensive option is to let the removal company dismantle and pack the furniture for you! On average, using a professional furniture mover can cost up to R 1,700 as it is an additional service most movers offer.

Although it is costly, you could end up saving time and stress as well as knowing that your furniture is protected by insurance policies if you choose a moving professional. If you do decide to use the services of a removal company, check out our reviews to make sure you pick the best one.

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3.Transporting Your Furniture: Nationally or Internationally

Once you have chosen how to pack your furniture, the next step is to decide which mode of transport you will use to move your furniture.

Moving Your Furniture Nationally

If you are moving your furniture nationally, then the two most common options are by train and by truck. To decide upon on these two options, certain factors must be considered:

  • Space: This factor can often determine the mode of transport you will use for a national move. As a rule of thumb, anything from over ten cubic metres and above will be transported in a truck. To identify how much space your furniture will require for transportation, you can use our furniture volume calculator.
  • Time Frame: For national moves, trains usually are the fastest for transporting freight, so if you need your furniture quickly, this could be the best option.
  • Costs: While trucks are slower than trains, this also means they are less expensive so consider your budget when choosing your mode of transport.

Moving Your Furniture Internationally

If you are moving furniture internationally, the mode of transport that will most likely be chosen will either be a shipping container or air cargo.

Again, you will need to identify how much space, time and money you have for your move. There is a lot to consider regarding international moving costs, but the best way to get an accurate price is to ask for quotes from several moving companies and compare their services.

Check out our network of international movers to find the best partner for your house removal. Or you can let us do the hard work for you and match you with up to 5 trusted movers who can facilitate your move. Simply click the button below – we’re here to help!

4. Reassembling Your Furniture In Your New Home

Congratulations – you’re at the final step! The last thing to do after you have moved your furniture is to reassemble it. You can either do this yourself or outsource the help of a handyman or removal company.

Whilst not cheap, having a third party reassemble your furniture will likely be quicker and done to a higher quality than if you install it yourself. If you do decide to rebuild the furniture yourself, make sure to follow the manual exactly and to have all the tools and screws ready beforehand.

Ready for To Move Your Furniture?

We think you are! After all of our expert information, you should be well equipped to move your furniture safely and securely, either by yourself or with the help of furniture moving companies.

For any further moving related queries, explore the rest of the Sirelo website or read the helpful articles we have linked below.

We hope you found this page helpful and informative. The last thing we have to say is – Best of luck with your upcoming move 😊