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Crafted by our international moving experts at Sirelo, check out our top tips on packing your house for moving. Find out how to prepare for the packing process, what packing supplies you need and how to do the actual packing.

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1. Start Early

Getting a head start on your packing for moving house will always be a smart idea, as packing often takes longer than you think. It’s good to start about two – three weeks before moving day, if not earlier. If you haven’t given yourself enough time, it could be wise to enlist the help of professional packers.

2. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

Throwing things away that you don’t need means that there is less to pack, which will make your move cost less. You could also sell them on sites such as Gumtree or even give them away for free to a charity shop or on websites such as Freecycle.

Tip! Have towels and sheets you no longer need? Use them to pack as protective padding!

3. Make a Priority List

Make a list of all the items in your house and differentiate between priority items, items you are currently using and items you don’t need for a while. Pack the items you use less first. For example, if you’re moving in the summer, you can pack your winter clothes first as they will not be used until after you have moved.

packing for moving house with moving boxes

4.Get Packing Supplies

Once you have made the list and considered how you are going to pack the items, you will need some supplies to pack with:

  • Boxes: These will be used to pack your items into.
  • Bubble Wrap: This will be wrapped around fragile items in your boxes.
  • Scissors: These will be needed to cut tape and labels.
  • Labels: The purpose of labels on boxes is to inform all parties involved in the move what the box contains.
  • Marking pens: These marking pens will be used to write on the boxes and the labels.
  • Sellotape: The Sellotape will be used for joining, sealing, attaching and mending the boxes.

Tip! If you’re packing furniture such as chests or dressers, fill them!

5. Gather Documents and Paperwork

During the moving period, you will need to easily access important documents, such as your passport, travel insurance and health insurance.  All other documents ought to be scanned, then packed safely, with the digital files as easily accessible as possible.

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6. Group Items Together

Have one room that is your ‘packing station’ and have all your boxes and supplies in there. Then pack room by room. Make sure you clearly label the boxes as ‘fragile’ or not, and which room they should go to when you move into your new place.

Tip! Pack items you will need on your first day in a suitcase for easy access.

7. Start Packing for Moving House – Smart!

  • If you are packing glasses or any breakables, make sure boxes are layered with padding and items are wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • Mark ‘fragile’ on labels and stick them on all sides of the box.
  • When packing electrical items, make sure there are no gaps in the boxes. Mark ‘electrical items’ on the box, so that the removalists can make sure it doesn’t come into any contact with  water
  • Make sure to fill large boxes with lighter items and put the heavier objects in smaller boxes.
  • If you are packing the truck yourself, remember that heaviest items should be the first to go on the floor of the truck.

packing for moving house with the furniture

What Next?

We hope you found this quick 7-step guide helpful and you feel more confident on how to pack your items. Still need more information? Check out other articles that might assist you in your move!