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What are the benefits?

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A part of the Sirelo service is providing our visitors with a complete overview of all active movers to help them make informed decisions for their move. By growing your reputation on Sirelo, you increase your chance of connecting with potential customers and increase your booking rate. Curious about how you can benefit from these free services? Then you’re in the right place!

Benefits of being featured on Sirelo

If you’ve never heard of Sirelo, you might be wondering why you should invest time in your Sirelo profile. After all, time is money!

What are the benefits that will make the investment worthwhile?

#1. Grow your online reputation

Approximately 93% of consumers seek out reviews before purchasing a product or booking a service. There’s no clearer sign that your online reputation has a direct impact on your business!

Free of charge and easy to use, Sirelo is a magnificent review tool to attract more customers in three ways:

✅ Google search

By having reviews on your Sirelo profile, prospects will find exactly what they’re looking for: independent reviews! This might be just what they need to feel confident in their booking decision.

✅ Sirelo Mover Directory

Sirelo serves more than one million visitors every year, and the majority are looking for a moving company. The most interest goes to the top five movers in their area, because these companies have proven to deliver great service. You would not settle for less than top five either, right?

✅ Your own website

Just like other major review platforms like TrustPilot, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, Sirelo has developed a review widget specifically for movers which you can display on your own website for free. By using the Sirelo Review Widget, you give your visitors an independent resource to confirm the quality of your services.

#2. Obtain free leads

Good news! Every time a Sirelo user requests a quote directly from your Sirelo profile, we forward their request to you completely free of charge.

However, remember that users tend to request quotes from movers with a positive track record of reviews. The more positive reviews, the better your booking rate!

#3. Increase your website traffic

Because we display your contact details on your profile, including a direct link to your website, Sirelo will help you get more visitors.

How to get the most out of Sirelo

At Sirelo, we love helping moving companies boost their business through our platform (as much as we love helping consumers find the right mover!).

So how do you get started? The process is actually quite simple, requiring little time at all. Below we list our best practices for succeeding on Sirelo:

#1. Update your profile

A complete and well-written profile increases your chances of attracting new customers. This can include your company logo and address details, as well as the range of services your company offers.

The more complete your profile looks, the more trustworthy your company will be perceived.

#2. Collect reviews

Engage with your customers after they have moved by inviting them to leave a review on Sirelo. To simplify the process, we offer invitation templates via your Mover Portal.

Don’t yet have access? You can request login credentials here.

#3. Reply to reviews

We understand that there are two sides to every move. By replying to your Sirelo reviews, you strengthen the post-purchase relationship with your customers.

Whether you are showing your appreciation or telling your side of the story, by engaging in a public dialogue you showcase your company’s transparent communication.

In case you were wondering, we’ll notify you whenever a new review is published, so you’ll never miss a beat!

#4 Promote your Sirelo score on your website

With our free review widget, reap the benefits of your online reputation on your own website. Setup only takes five minutes, but the benefits will last for years!

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Building a powerful mover profile on Sirelo isn’t only free, it’s also quick, easy and extremely beneficial for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling by getting access to your profile today!