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South African Relocations is a premier international relocation specialist, renowned for its exceptional services and extensive network. With offices strategically located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, South African Relocations caters to individuals, families, and corporations seeking seamless and hassle-free relocations to and from South Africa.

As a leader in the industry, South African Relocations has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in facilitating international moves. Whether it's a domestic relocation within South Africa or an international move to a different continent, the company offers comprehensive relocation solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.Read more

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What makes your company stand out?

South African Relocations is a reputable and experienced company that provides a range of services for international removals. We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about the process of relocating to and from South Africa. Our services include packing and unpacking, transportation, storage, and insurance, and they can provide personalized service to meet the specific needs of each client. South African Relocations is committed to providing high-quality service and ensuring a smooth and

What is your insurance policy? How do you deal with damaged items?

ALL RISK COVER, moving overseas is a long and complicated operation. The distance, coupled with the risks of international transit, means that, on occasion, loss and/or damage to goods might occur, due to storms or other events which South African Relocations cannot control. This is why taking all risk cover for your goods during your international removal is essential.

What is the best advice you would give to customers?

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69% of the users recommend this moving company
 on Sirelo
Took them over a year to deliver my racing boat, and it was broken in half when it arrived. I paid them for all risk insurance cover but they refused to compensate me. There excuse was 'we lost the paperwork'!. Also every step of the way they apply extra charges with a gun to your head. Avoid them like the plague.
Moved from Knysna (South Africa) to Galway (Ireland)
 on Sirelo
Exceptional service. The crew was friendly and very professional. Thank you for a worry free relocation. Kind regards Jaun'e
Moved from Rynfield AH, Benoni (South Africa) to Margate (South Africa)
 on Sirelo
I packed 22 full boxes. South African Relocations collected my boxes and told me they had to repack them. Why not just put my boxes into new boxes Inasked. No we need to repack everything. My domestic lady and I spent weeks packing everything perfectly so I queried this and was told it was protocol and had to happen. I asked for a detailed inventory and received a very vague ine without specified items. I too queried this as I was very worried about theft after only finding reviews once I had committed to the company and most reviews complained about theft of goods and only half one's goods arriving. I got nowhere with my complaint about a vague inventory. I even spoke to the truck driver and he said that is hpw they do it. So they collected my boxes, my brother was there, they opened them and looked inside and gave a one or two word description of all contents. Not acceptable but I couldn't grt it changed. Well I knew then that my stuff would go missing and go missing it did!!! Out of 22 stuffed full boxes I received 18 boxes half stuffed with paper!!! 11 kitchen cupboards worth of items in South Africa and I received 1 box of kitchen glassware. 3 double wardrobes of clothing and I received 1 medium box of clothes. Everything had been gone through piece by piece. Curtains had just been rolled up and thrown into boxes loosely when we had packed everything flat and neatly. Each plastic cup was wrapped in massive pieces of thick paper to take up space. I am revolted, disgusted and super angry that this comlany has no superiors in place to stop their staff shopping through clients goods. It is a massive violation of people's property and I am going to sue, go to newspapers and news channels until they are closed down. Disgusting company, no results via claims department, just ignored!! Anyone else had the same can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn, ********Read more
Moved from Durban (South Africa) to Newcastle (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
DO NOT USE! Absolute charlatans who quote low, pack up your items and then charge you 50% more to release said items because 'the volume of cargo was higher than expected'. This is despite having seen every item that was to be shipped prior to preparing the quote. They are now charging me storage costs in the UK whilst I fight this claim and no one will pick up the phone to discuss it properly. By far the worst customer experience I've ever had and from checking other reviews it seems I'm not alone. Clearly this is how they operate as standard. Complete crooks who should not be allowed to operate. Don't expect any useful communication from anyone in their office nor their managers. Never been so frustrated - this company has no morals.
Literally nothing positive
Moved from Cape Town (South Africa) to Manchester (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
Never use this company to handle your move. I was misinformed from the first contact with them and now being sent from department to department who do not answer questions but just assure me that 'they are doing everything they can '. Started out beginning of October with a simple move to The Netherlands of a low volume of household goods. Sales department promised me that the container was about to fill up and I would surely have my things before Christmas in The Netherlands. The pick-up of the goods was quick and so far, the service was good. Until i followed up early November to get a status update on my goods and turned out they were placed in a new container and not going anywhere for a while. After numerous emails the sales department again promises me, they would look into alternatives for transport, but they never came back on this. Now 2,5 months into this hell when following up again in January I get the notification, the container is full we are looking into shipping options.

Another month down the line I receive a additional invoice from South African Relations for payment of an additional 10% of the total price due to an exchange rate fluctuation. When asking why I was being invoiced for a delay they had caused they just pointed me to a cut out of the terms and conditions that states 'when a delay is due to customer, he is liable for additional costs'

Now in a lot of emails back and forth the only response is: 'we understand an additional invoice is unpleasant to receive at this point, but all our customers receive an additional invoice (should you decide to do business with them just know there is a additional 10% coming after 3 months).

Due to the delays, I've been forced to buy new winter jackets and other clothing as winter in The Netherlands is not really for shorts and a t-shirt. If you don't need your stuff for more then 4,5 months and are willing to pay 10% minimum extra and be sent from department to department by SAR... by all means this is the moving company for you!
Read more
Moved from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Utrecht (Netherlands)
 on Sirelo
The only reason why I've given an 8 is because their admin dept doesn't liaise with the sales dept, doing whatever they want to, which is frustrating and annoying !! The other point I must mention is the length of time their team take to pack, although exceptionally well done, but by using very small boxes causes huge additional of time spent, which means the customer has to spent all day that is very tiring especially when you in your 80's!! AND fortunately we had only a very small consignment of furniture that we taking, no big appliances, all mainly items to be packed in boxes, although we had packed a few of our own plastic boxes as well !! But again say their internal sales and the admin dept must correspond with each other !!
Moved from Sandton, Johannesburg (South Africa) to Brisbane (Australia)

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