Moving to Italy
Your guide to the Bel Paese

Are you planning to move to Italy? Well, say arrivederci to your braai and say ciao to a succulent Fiorentina steak! There so much to look forward to about moving to Italy from renowned historical sites to stunning natural beauty. However, we also understand that there is a lot to organise. To help you move with a smile we have created the following guide to help you with moving costs, a great checklist and even free moving quotes!

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How much does it cost to move to Italy?

There’s no point beating around the bush, the first thing on your mind is probably the costs of moving to Italy, and that’s a really important thing to consider. You need to move within your budget so you can enjoy life! So, for an average 3-bed house, it can cost between R126,100-R144,800.

Of course, there are ways to influence the cost of your move to Italy and take the sting out of the price. If you’re curious about how to do this, then you must read our international moving costs! It’ll be a big help.

Just in case you’re not living in a 3-bed house, we’ve estimated the costs for various household sizes when moving to Italy from South Africa.

Household sizePrice
1-bed flatR73,250-R94,850
2-bed houseR93,500-R126,500
3-bed houseR126,100-R144,800
4-bed houseR143,200-R188,200
5-bed houseR187,400-R218,000

Now, we know what you’re thinking, how on earth are you supposed to know the volume of your household!? Luckily for you, we have created a useful free tool to help you calculate the volume of your move. It’ll definitely come in handy, and it might inspire you to part with some of your less desirable belongings.

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Visa For Italy

One of the most important tasks to complete before moving to a foreign country is confirming that you can legally move, otherwise you might get the boot. So, sorting out your visa should be a priority.

The easiest way to find out which visa and documents you’ll need is the Italian government’s visa tool. In most cases, the most important things to receive are a proof of sufficient funds and work permit. For the work permit, your employer will apply for this on your behalf, so make sure you have one!

Moving to Italy Checklist

Not only are you moving to another country but another continent! Needless to say, this isn’t your average move down the street. An international move requires more planning and coordination that it can be overwhelming.

However, Sirelo is here to offer you guidance! Thus, we have created an easy-to-follow moving abroad checklist for you to feel in control of your move and below is a little checklist with specifics on moving to Italy from South Africa.

Find a moving company

Unless you happen to be a master of organisation and have a lot of free time on your hands, you might want to consider hiring a trusted moving company, since they will be responsible for your belongings. Hence, you should opt for one of the top international movers in South Africa for your move to Italy.


Packing may seem like a daunting task, trying to fit a house into boxes is certainly not easy. But you can make it a little easier by using our expert packing guide or by just remembering to be organised and to start packing early!


Since you’ll be moving abroad, you’ll want to inform SARS be a resident for tax purposes. You don’t want to pay taxes in two countries!

Register with the questura

When you arrive in Italy for the first time, you’ll need to remember to register at the local police station (questura) as a formality for living in the country.


There is a national health service (SSN) that provides mostly free or subsidised treatments for registered residents. The public health system has a high-quality reputation. However, you may risk having long wait times for treatments or surgeries. If you’re not a fan of waiting, then you could also invest in private health insurance.


It can be difficult to use a your South Africa bank account due to distance from a branch and also the conversion fees that will be applied when converting from Rand to Euro. Therefore, it makes sense to open a local bank account. Some of the big banks in Italy include:

  • Unicredit SpA
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Banco BMP
  • UBI Banca

Moving pets to Italy

Moving to Italy without your pet would be sad and is definitely something you should avoid! If you don’t want to leave your four-legged friend behind, they will need to:

  • Have a pet passport or certificate of health
  • Be microchipped
  • Have up to date vaccinations, including against rabies

Moving cars to Italy

If you want to move your car from South Africa to Italy, then be warned… Italians are crazy drivers, driving on the right side of the road! Jokes aside, you need to ensure that you register your vehicle, which is explained well by the Italian Auto-club rules.

You’ll also need to apply for an international driving permit if you intend on driving in Italy for longer than six months.

moving to italy vineyard

Living In Italy

To get you in the mood for moving to Italy, you can listen to this Spotify playlist we curated!

Listen to our Spotify playlist
and get ready to move!

Listen to our Spotify playlist
and get ready to move!

A life in the Bel Paese can be a nice change of life. From the beauty and serenity of the Italian countryside to the bustling and loud sounds of the city, there’s something for everyone. And to top it all off there’s award winning wines and cheese to add some flavour to life.

However, all this beauty comes at a price. Nothing makes this more apparent than the cost of living, so we’ve compared Italy and South Africa so you can prepare yourself.

MetricSouth AfricaItaly
Rent 3-bed apartment city centreR 14,400R 17,500
Price/m2 in the city centreR 15,900R 52,800
Monthly utilities for 85m2 apartmentR 1,700R 2,800
CappuccinoR 28.60R 24.05
0.5L of draught beerR 30.00R 77.80
12 eggsR 29.85R 48.25

Finding a Job in Italy

Just because the main language is Italian, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find English speaking jobs. In fact, there is always a demand for English speakers. For example, you could write English content for companies, teach English or work for an international company. Below you can find the best websites to find a job in Italy.

Learn some Italian!

The best way to settle in a new country is to learn the language! Italians love it when foreigners attempt to speak their language. We have listed the basics below so you can get the ball rolling.

How are you?Come stai?
I’m goodSto bene
To move houseTraslochare
I just moved hereMi sono appena trasferito

Ready to move to Italy?

We’re sure that you found this guide useful and that it helps put a smile on your move as you move to Italy. We would wish you “good luck”, but the Italians have a much more interesting expression: “in bocca al lupo!”. This translates to “in the mouth of the wolf!”