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Out of 9 Sirelo reviews
22% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 2.8 out of 13 reviews on other platforms.
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About Duncan Logistics

Duncan Logistic successfully carried out major moves for well known brand name companies as well as domestic moves for very discerning clients. Their attention to detail and reliability as well as smooth operations at competitive tariffs make them the removal company you would want to deal with.

10 Constantia street
2091 Johannesburg


National moving

Type of Mover

This moving company uses their own vans and staff, but may hire subcontractors in exceptional situations.
Out of 9 Sirelo reviews
22% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 2.8 out of 13 reviews on other platforms.
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9 out of 9 reviews shown
Worst experience ever, took 5 days for delivery of household items. Every time I contacted a so called [name removed by Sirelo] he always had excuses and lies. This guy has no manners and no idea how to run a business. When goods arrived, items was damaged after phoning him all he could say was OK THANKS
Moved from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Hermanus (South Africa)
Theft and damage to goods
Moved from Germiston (South Africa) to Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
Unprofesional and broke my furniture, they dont wanna pay for. Bully. Refused to deliver my staff saying I had things that were not on the inventory n that's a lie. When I asked them to show me things were not in the inventory they couldn't. Instead they forced me to pay extra charge. They even thretened me that they will take my staff back to Gauteng if I dont pay.
Lies n scam
Unprofesional and bully
Moved from Johannesburg (South Africa) to East London (South Africa)
***Response from owner when i threatened to publish this review: Good Luck for all your words. We cant help. We are Crooks yes thanks.****

'Do not use Duncan Logistics Removers - they are wholly unprofessional and untrustworthy.

We engaged Duncan Logistics Removers to pack and move our house at 7am on Friday 2nd August 2019. We completed all the professional looking forms and I estimated we required at least 50 boxes packed. They requested 80% of the price paid upfront to secure the professional moving team for that date. The representative on the phone said he would be there himself. We paid well before and doubled checked it was OK 3 days before.

On the Thursday evening at 6pm we received a text requesting to move the date to another day. We said this was not acceptable as everything was arranged. He said they would come but would be a little late. He would not give an estimated time.

On Friday no-one arrived at all and there was little response to requests for clarification of expected time. At 4pm we were told the truck had broken down. At this point we sought to cancel the service company merely as we had already done 15 bakkie loads ourselves during the day and packed most of our house. He refused to cancel. They would arrive first thing the next day.

At 7am a scruffy and pretty dirty, small, flat back van arrived not much larger than our Bakkie with 2 people. They only had 30 boxes even though we had requested, and paid for, 50. They clearly did not have experience of professional packing and packed plates and glass in bunches without any separating protection. The boxes were overfilled and they started stacking them on the stoop. We stopped them stacking them as they would risk breaking things.

We tried to cancel again having seen how inexperienced the packers were and also the size of the team and van - this was refused. So we allowed them to put one flat (unstacked) load of boxes on their van. The van then would not start. We spend almost an hour helping them first push start (having top push ourselves), then jump start, and eventually towing them up a hill with a Land Rover to get the van working.

We were now running out of time to get things done so we got some helpers from our Farm and another bakkie. In the end we did 28 runs with our Bakkies and by the time we had finished Duncan Logistic Removers had done 4.

We had originally said to the owner that if we were not to cancel when they did not arrive on the moving day then they could unpack as we had already done 15 bakkies runs by the end of the day and packed most of the house. We did not want them to do this as they were clearly not experienced packers or unpackers.

The driver then refused to leave until we paid the full 20% balance owed - which appeared to be all of what they were being paid. Things got quite difficult as they continued to refuse to leave as they had no money for petrol to get back to their home. In the end out of sympathy we gave them 500 ZAR.

During the day the owner repeatedly put down the phone on us when we called with issues. When his drive would not leave and we threatened the police he said ‘I am not scared of the police - please call them’.

The owner of this company is clearly a crook who gives the appearance of being a professional company but then rips off both his customers and his staff.
scam, crook, liar, unproffesional
Moved from Haenertsburg (South Africa) to Haenertsburg (South Africa)
The initial quote was never stuck to. This guy extorted us for double the agreed amount. Arrived with a truck that was not suitable for a 3 bedroom house relocation. We ended up paying more so they could send another truck back to the house. Arrived 8 hours after the agreed upon time for collection. I paid for insurance on our house hold items, which I was thankful for because they had damaged our items so badly. We suffered over R50 000 worth in damages. Our furniture looked like they had been thrown in a truck. Upon notifying the manager he then claimed my 2 year old son was to blame for the damages. He ignores my calls, emails and lawyers. To this day still no insurance claim submitted to repair or replace what they had caused. Stay away from them!!
Moved from Rustenburg (South Africa) to Hermanus (South Africa)
Thanks [name removed by Sirelo] for the job welldone

I definitely recommend you.All my my family I Will introduce thm to you.

Thanks so much
Good professional
Moved from Gauteng (South Africa) to Johannesburg (South Africa)
Good morning Sirelo ,
I want to bring to your attention the crooked practice of Duncan Logistics .
It is to be mentioned that it is in place a certain pattern of activity where the customers are robed of they money and time .
Firstly he is Zimbabwean and probably Duncan is not his real name …it sound too European .
He has no picture in WhatsApp or in his website so nobody can foresee a problem here .
The manager is a WHITE … SA person dealing with the operation .
Duncan Logistics is not part of any reputable transport organisation so are not rules applied.
He is claiming heaving in operation 6 trucks but the picture shows only one quite small with a big logo on it.This company is working mainly with subcontractors which are claiming that Duncan is not paying them and are robing of the minimum payment promised .
Is claiming that are working for him 25 people but I have serious doubt about the figures .
My story and the dirty pattern used :
I ve filled the spread sheet with my items to be transported from Jhb to Uvongo .
The quotation came immediately as a lowest of all the rest of companies .The advertising site was so good that I didn’,t checked for the recommendations regarding the operation.
After I ve explained that part of the items I ve transported myself ( where attached pictures )and I want a revised price and I ve received the R 6500 as final and the volume was determined .
I ve payed 80 % as 5200 as agreed .Finding later that a small KIA and an open trailer will come on Monday .
I ve mention to the operator so called [Name removed by Sirelo] that a small open truck will not be enough and she became quite .
The truck was small and by calling so called Duncan I wanted to cancel the deal .He said sarcastically that I have to pay cancellation of 900 rand and I will lose the deposit .
And if want to go on I need to accept a payment of additional R 1500 to the deal .This was dirty practice and I said lets get there and will see.
Because I was “caught “he said “welcome to Duncan Logistic “ SIC !!!!
The subcontractor suggested that he will pay 500 to hire a big trailer and I will tow the initial trailer brought in and take the additional petrol cost from the towing .
So I was forced the be the driver of my own transporting goods .
Instead of leaving at 11 am as promises we left at 9 pm because the second trailer had no light and “mine “as well .
We reconnected for about 2 hours and succeeded to connect correctly mine and the second one had only indicators but in reversed position from the front car .,,, indicated right to indicate left the trailer .Soooo we drove like that 800 km …with no accidents and not be stopped by the police .
Driving on the N3 at 70 km / hour the big trailer was getting in a swing balance that we almost stopped the traffic other cars feared not be knocked .
My fridge was badly scratched ..the chairs are cracked and for sure this pirate company is claiming that is insured but for sure IS NOT( read other incidents on HelloPeter where the wall was damaged by the trucks and was no cover …was not payed a cent .
This was a new situation where the maximum speed was set to 60 / 50 km and we drove for 20 hours to the destination ….me and my wife people pensionaries over 60 .
We offloaded until 10 30 pm next day and surely we didn’t pay the balance of 1300 because where left in Johannesburg a lot of furniture of which I have to pay now to a new company 4500 to bring the rest back .
The subcontracting company wanted the balance of payment which unfortunately I couldn’t pay and in addition to the food ,,drinks too the workers he complained that I should give them a bed to sleep not to sleep in the car SIC !
Unfortunately I can t do that is too much of a story ….
Lately I ve found that a drilling machine and a cutting disk are missing from the garage – cherry on top !!!!
Conclusions :
The system is well designed ..
Underquote ….. paying the deposit …asking more money …..robbing of money the contractors ..poor cheap service and contractors which are trying to get the money from you because are no other place to ask for .
When I ve complained to him ….he become aggressive and ask me from where I am …..and eventually said will kill me .The conversation stopped because didn’t have air time ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So called [Name removed by Sirelo] secretary was very cheeky commenting unrealistic of the events and her best remarks where …”” all whites must be out of Africa “”
The question is why the company is hiding the true ownership and are not operating in Zimbabwe where are not much whited there ?
The truth is that the whites are in SA and are bringing business to him and by hiding his profile is getting knocks here and there and is surviving some how .

Danny Hadary
thanks God i didn''t loose my goods
crook ..racist , bad manners ,uninsured
rode by his stuff , aiming to kill me !!!!
Moved from Jhb (South Africa) to Manaba (South Africa)
I had to relocate from jhb to South coast .
I ve filled the form in a very accurate manner .I ve received a price and I accepted.
At the time of loading although the volume was accepted as 1600 cu ft was sent a small KIA with a small trailer .when I wanted to cancel the deal Duncan said that I lost deposit and he wants additional 900 rand .
[Name removed by Sirelo] the contractor offer me to bring another trailer and I should tow the first trailer and whatever petrol used extra I have to pay .heaving no choice accepted .
The trailers had no lights and I reconnect them for about 2 hours .
The second trailer had the wire in versed as the truck showing that is turning in a direction and the trailer otherwise around .
The trail was hand made and very flimsy and at a speed of over sixty was moving from side to side .
I supow to leave at 11 am ..and we left at 9 pm as described 800 km at a speed of 50 km took us about 20 hours to the destination .
I ve helped loading and offloading and we went through this experience and we are over 60 pensionares.
More than 30 percent of the stuff remain in jhb .
When wanted to cancel. He had 80 % of the original quote .
By reading the other comments it shows that duncan himself using that patern to crook customers .
DUNCAN IS NOT insured and transported all my goods is open trailer .lucky that when the trailer almost collapse we drove at 50 km /hour and was not really damage to my furniture.STAY A WAY ....BE AWARE 😕
Now I must pay extra to bring the rest of the furniture back as nothing is complete
Nothing ..only trouble
Crook. ..but Big thief
Stay a way from unprofessional crook
Moved from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Uvongo (South Africa)
thanks Duncan

good services
supper best
Moved from Sandton (South Africa) to Pretoria (South Africa)

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