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Out of 4 Sirelo reviews
25% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 5.2 out of 14 reviews on other platforms.

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About Staroar Logistics

Staroar logistics was established in the year 2014 in a town called Bryanston in Johannesburg North. They have 7 years of furniture removals experience. Staroar Logistics specializes in household and office removals


National moving

Type of Mover

This moving company uses their own vans and staff, but may hire subcontractors in exceptional situations.
Out of 4 Sirelo reviews
25% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 5.2 out of 14 reviews on other platforms.
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4 out of 4 reviews shown
I did not have a great experience with Mark from Staroar Logistics, Jhb.
I moved from Pretoria to Cape Town.
Pick up on 1 April was 10 hours later than confirmed. Goods were loaded in the dark. No documentation was provided to list the items and to provide a signature that it was loaded.
I requested a plastic cover for the double bed, which did not arrive at pick-up. I had to wrap the bed with bubble wrap. The furniture was tied with ropes, no protection, I provided boxes to limit any rope scratches.
The delivery was agreed on for 5 April, but was delayed by 3 days to 8 Apr. All the furniture and plants moved, were damaged. Some items did not arrive at the destination. I had to pay the remainder of the quoted amount before the goods were offloaded.
To this date [name removed by Sirelo] has not replied to my queries on the handling of the damages.
I would really not recommend Staroar Logistics.
Moved from Pretoria (South Africa) to Cape Town (South Sudan)
It's a scam. [name removed by Sirelo] outsources everything so there is high risk of Damage, theft and lack of accountability when it comes to the recovery of your goods or belongings. I was left in a new town with Missing boxes, multiple pieces of broken furniture, they were 5 days late so I slept on the floor for a week until they arrived and last but not least, don't transport valuables with these people because they claim to have insurance but I've been left with expenses of up to R40 000 in damages. I've been ignored via Mail for over a month now and I've resorted to fixing the problems myself because they are simply scammer artists who come up with new additional costs due to poor quotes. They don't have a clue what they are doing. If there's anyone out there that needs assistance moving - DON'T USE STAROAR LOGISTICS
Quick to get your money
Quick to assure you it'll be okay
No Insurance or Accountability
Moved from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Cape Town (South Africa)
Trusted moving company and great supervision. We moved our stuff with Staroar Logistics yesterday , they arrived on time and [name removed by Sirelo] and his team were very helpful in by move to Rustenburg, I cant say my experience is the same as others but I was happy with the service I got will definitely recommend the anytime!
Moved from Pretoria (South Africa) to Rustenburg (South Africa)
Nothing about how this company is legitimate, from the way they conduct business to the address.
Damage of property
Rude movers, that demand extra money for stairs even though this was communicated on the quote beforehand
Moved from Waterfall City (South Africa) to Kyalami (South Africa)

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